Its official I AM SECOND NE Cols is starting next week!

On Wednesday Dec. 7th @7PM @ Average Joes in New Albany! Its 1/2 price Burger Night and $2 drinks!

Click Here For Directions

Do you hate family Christmas parties because of a bad relationship?

Do you not getting along with your in-laws?

Are you waiting for forgiveness? Or waiting to give forgiveness?

Struggled with your relationship with your parents?

Maybe even have that creepy Uncle?

We are going to kick off the group with the Holiday season in mind. On Wednesday we will discuss “Broken Relationships” thru the I AM SECOND “Hope For The Holidays” series.

If you want to start to bridge the gap in your relationships there is no better time than Christmas. Or if you just want come hang out and enjoy a good time with guys meet us on Dec. 7th @ 7PM.

Please feel free to drop in or if you know your coming leave us a comment to let us know. Hope to see you there!

  1. Glad you guys are using Hope for the Holidays. Let us know how it goes. You also might be interested in our leadership conference coming up Jan 13-15 at I am Second HQ. More info at


    Mike Jorgensen, I am Second Director

    • CJNeading says:

      Def will we are looking forward to it. Would love to attend conference but won’t be able to atleast this year. Have a a great Christmas. We will let you know how it goes.

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