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Important, time change for tomorrow’s meeting!

Posted: June 26, 2012 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized

There is a time change for tomorrow. Due to some of the people coming having a better schedule if we start a little bit later, will be starting at 7:30. Ago is still where will be meeting so that will be the same. It’ll just start just a tad late. If you have any questions you can definitely call me or CJ
thanks Terry
I apologize for any misspellings or grammar mistakes, this was conducted on the road to try and let as many people know in time as possible.


Wings instead of my fish and chips Part 1

Posted: June 21, 2012 by donaldsonta in Thoughts

Chicken wings. How on earth did I end up with chicken wings? When CJ and I discussed some places to have iamsecond meetings, I specifically mentioned going to Old Bag because I really wanted fish and chips.

I got over to the Pub early. I like to do that when I can in case any new people show up, there’s already someone to wave them over to the table. The waitress mentions that there’s just a couple of minutes left in happy hour, and if I can make some clutch calls, I might save a couple dollars.
I give the menu a quick once over. My fish and chips aren’t available for happy hour savings. Curses. But I pride myself on being pretty clutch. I immediately pray for some chance of fish and chips savings. Then I look at the menu again: apparently not Gods will. Last try: I have good reading comprehension, but as my wife can attest: I have been known to overlook the obvious. So I ask the waitress about fish and chips for happy hour. I’m met again with agonizing defeat.
Chicken wings are on the approved list; wings aren’t exactly fish and chips, but I don’t have a lot of choice. the clock is ticking, so I throw one up: wings it is.
No one really made it on time, so I had  some time alone at the table. If I have thirty seconds to burn I usually pull up Facebook. If I have some real time I’ll usually open my YouVersion app. I’m not going to blame the Bible for this; but it’s just not made for reading in thirty second snippets. I bet if Truth could be absorbed in less than a minute people probably wouldn’t give me the finger as much for driving the speed limit.
Anyways;  I started thinking about a couple things there at my table:
The first is Peter.  Fish always makes me think about Peter.  Recently I’ve been thinking about Peter’s denial of Jesus in Luke 22. The thing I haven’t been able to shake is a recent piece of knowledge I got from a sermon by Pastor Greg Ford at OneChurch over in New Albany.  The interpretation in Luke 22:57 goes deeper than “I don’t know him”. While the literal translation is “know”, the term in context of the times in which it was spoken had a meaning closer to “he’s not my friend”.
For some reason that difference is huge for me. I’ve read the story many times, and I’ve always been struck with how painful the moment was.  Even just claiming to have no knowledge of Jesus was pretty lousy, but for Peter to tell someone that Jesus wasn’t really his friend was the absolute worst.  At the exact moment of his denial Jesus looked over at Peter, having heard what he’d said.
Depending on the book, I’ll relate to different people in the Bible. In this story I always find myself relating to Peter. I’m consciously aware of how terrible Jesus must feel at this moment. He’s being unjustly tried, He’s being physically hurt at intervals, He knows he’s going to be tortured to death very soon, and the icing on the cake is that one of Jesus’ best friends just claimed that he didn’t really like Him. I can feel the injustice, and imagine the frustration, but I rarely see things from Jesus’ perspective.  I have a lot more in common with the Apostles.  In this passage I find myself looking through Peter’s eyes;  seeing what Peter saw as he met the Lords eyes at a time in Jesus’ life when one of the few things that could mean anything to Him was the love and support of his friends, and failing as Peter failed.
I’ve had friends let me down before. It can be painful, but for me it’s much worse to be the person who lets another down. Maybe it’s a personality type, but I hate to fail others. I fail my wife on a pretty regular basis in small matters. I forget the laundry, I don’t take the dogs out, etc. Then I see her in my mind: having to do laundry when she should be eating a good breakfast, or out in the rain walking the dogs; and it saddens me. My failure is making life hard for someone whom I love deeply.
When I read Luke 22 and imagine how Peter must have felt, I’m absolutely overwhelmed. In 22-62 it says about Peter “he went out and wept bitterly”. That’s exactly how I react reading it sometimes. Jesus had been traveling day to day with these men for three years. Peter was one of three Apostles that was in an “inner circle”  even among the Apostles. Perhaps of all the men on earth, only John was closer to Jesus than Peter.
I didn’t read this scripture passage sitting in Old Bag. Honestly I never read it when anyone’s around. Call it pride? I don’t want anyone to see me, just in case I get tearful.  I imagine Peters feelings at the moment of his failure; he probably recalls all the other times he failed Jesus.
Imagining myself as Peter in that moment always leads to recalling all the ways I’ve failed Jesus. It’s completely crushing.  I usually have to flip really quick to the last book in Acts where Jesus comes back to eat with His disciples.  I have to be reminded that everything is alright. Peter and I have been forgiven, no grudges held.
God forgives absolutely. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m no authority over God to say that “I can’t be forgiven”. Forgiveness is a gift.
I still remember my failures though. It’s the difference between ‘conviction’ and ‘condemnation’. I’m sure Peter remembered his failures too. As one of the Apostles, he had a full understanding of Gods love and forgiveness, but history tells us that when Peter was martyred, he requested crucifixion upside down.  He still felt unworthy to die in the same manner as his Lord.
There’s a lot to learn from Peter.  I’m thankful God gave me some time at Old Bag to think about Peter again. As horrible as I feel for my failures, I’m then uplifted remembering the depth of Gods grace and forgiveness. I feel better for having felt worse.
In a day or three, I’ll post about the second thing I considered in reference to wings and fish.

June-July Meeting Dates and Times

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There’s been some disorganization between CJ becoming a father, and me buying my first home.  Awesome blessings, but a lot of responsibility!

We’ve still been meeting every week, but haven’t done a very good job of keeping the site here up to date with the dates.

Last week we took advantage of the weather and had a cook-out meeting.  We spent a good amount of time talking about God.  About how He was working in each of our lives, about scriptures we’d each been studying, and about His goodness in general.  After that we finally got around to pounding out a solid schedule for the upcoming weeks.  We’re continuing to rotate the first three days of the week to allow more people to attend.  Here it goes:

June 20th (Wednesday) Old Bag o’ Nails in Olde Gahanna @ 7pm

June 26th (Tuesday) The Goat off New Albany Rd in New Albany @ 7pm

July 2nd (Monday) BJ’s Brewery at Polaris @ 7pm

July 11th (Wednesday)  The Pub at Polaris @7pm

July 17th (Tuesday)  Undecided – Check back Jun 21st for location

July 23rd (Monday)  Undecided – Check back Jun 21st for location

August 1st (Wednesday)  Undecided – Check back Jun 21st for location