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22 Day Challenge 9 of 22

Posted: November 30, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Today’s challenge is here.

I’m not sure what to say except maybe “Amen”. It’s a good message, and a good truth. I don’t think anyone has ever convinced another to accept Jesus as their savior. God has a plan for that to happen or not.
Not that a person should stop talking about Jesus.
Firstly anyone who’s really found Jesus is just excited and wants to share it, without even it being an assignment to disciples.
Secondly God can (and does) use our actions to His Glory. Elijah stacked done wood, and he prayed, but he didn’t light the fire.

Anyway. Great video to maybe crack the shell of someone. Very real stuff. Got a bit carried away, I just like talking about Jesus! Lol


22 Day Challenge 8 of 22

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Todays video featured Bailee Madison.  Here it is.

Initially I was kinda thinking I wouldn’t gain much from a child’s testimony.  After I watched it halfway through once, prayed a bit, then watched it again, I ended up really enjoying it.

Bailee talks about having a couple acting pieces taken by another young actress. Initially she was kind of angry about it.  She later found out, that the other girl was very inexperienced, and didn’t know that what she was doing was possibly against some sort of unwritten rule.  Bailee goes on to explain that she and the girl became good friends. I’m often pretty guilty of acting like this.  Something doesn’t go my way, and I immediately assume that persons involved have malicious intent.

I’ll usually rethink it, pray about it, and work through my feelings.  But I think it’s great that Baille’s Mother is raising such a Godly young woman.  She has such a wonderful head start. My wife and I talk a lot about having children.  I really enjoyed hearing Bailee explain things in her point of view.  Bailee talks about Jesus with language she’s learning from her Mother, and that can help Bailee to be a nice Christian role model for other little girls.

I also thought it was funny when Bailee was talking about her prayer life.  My prayer life is pretty childish sometimes.  I definitely have bad days where I get self absorbed in things, and I barely talk to God.  Other days I have a wonderful time, having little prayers about all kinds of things.  I’ll pray about whether to stop for gas today or tomorrow, or even what kind of candy bar to get.  I’ll give God thanks a hundred times in a day sometimes because He’s given me such a wonderful helper in my wife.

It was a nice change up, and gave me some things to think about.  Plus it’s probably a great testimony for someone who’s a big fan of Bridge to Teribithia.

Challenge update!

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A quick update. Had another hiccup with the challenge emails. I’m thinking I’ve got the problem isolated though. Tomorrow I’ll be continuing with day 7 or 8. Whichever we’re currently on. The goal being having them available in the morning so that people can actually do the challenge. Tomorrow at six AM it resumes!

Todays challenge can be linked here.

I was able to personally relate a lot more to Wayne’s video than I have been able to some others recently.

I don’t have a private jet, or a million dollars, but when I was younger I feel like I was definitely trying to fill my heart with different things. Drinking too much, partying too much, etc. I thought that Jesus was something to do on a Sunday morning, but then I didn’t give much thought to Him throughout the week. I didn’t understand that Jesus wasn’t just a name and a club.

As I continued my walk with Jesus I started to figure things out a bit more. Now I actually pray everyday, and realize that being a Christian is an every day thing, if not an every minute thing!

Probably the thing that’s going to stick with me most from this video is something Wayne said at the end: Success is knowing that the ones that you love will make heaven.

That’s something I pray about a lot. I know that I’ll be able to spend eternity with a lot of my loved ones, but I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time praying that my children (when they come about) will accept Christ at an early age, and continue growing with Him after I’m gone.

22 Day Challenge 6 of 22

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Getting late. Haven’t really got a break to do much with iamsecond since getting the email this afternoon. Looks like another no sleep kinda night at work.
Saw a good variety of people today. Different problems, different sicknesses.
Today’s video reminded me of that. How people come to God in so many different ways. It also reminded me of how amazing God is to save people from the situations they get themselves in to.
The days video was about Karen. The daily challenge can be seen here.

Karen came from a unlikely background, and probably had to put a lot more trust in Jesus than most people. And it’s awesome that now she’s able to reach out to so many women that are hurting.
It’s easy in today’s society to forget about how many people in our own country live in terrible pain.

The daily challenge was to listen to someone. A lot of times this is really easy for me. A lot if the patients I deal with have a lot if troubles, but not so many people to talk about them with. I tried to be more open to a couple patients today, and prayed for them as we were speaking. That Jesus might heal their bodies, solve their troubles, or just give them His peace in their hearts.

Blogging on the iPhone, and I’m too tired at this point to figure out how to spellcheck. So grant me a little grace on that issue too if you can 🙂

22 Day Challenge 5 of 22

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Day five came a day late. There wasn’t any post sent out on Thanksgiving, guess I was supposed to take the day off 🙂

In any case, Day Five Challenge features baseball star Josh Hamilton. The video can be found here.

I think maybe iamsecond is having some difficulties, as I can’t get a good link from the email they sent me anymore. It actually links to Day 13, which is all off for us.
Josh talks about his life playing sports, how he sank into addictions to drugs and alcohol following the loss of his parents, and how he eventually recovered following his discovery of Jesus.

The Challenge for today was for each of us to think what our addiction is. Porn, drugs, alcohol,social media? For each person to pray about that, see what God is telling them, and to talk with a friend about it. Sit down with another brother or sister in Christ and discuss problems in your life. Ask for prayer, and ask them if you can pray for anything in their life.

I recently starting fighting an addiction to porn. It was something that I never really thought about, but after hearing sermon after sermon talk about it, I started to realize it really was an ‘addiction’. I’ve been dealing with it through close counsel with my wife. She’s a wonderful woman, and has done a great deal to help me get closer to Christ. I also talk about it with friends at iamsecond. By discussing it with them I’m giving them permission to hold me accountable. Most of all though, I’m asking them and my wife to pray for me.

Josh was gone from professional baseball for two years. I’m not sure how long I’m going to deal with my issues. It might be six months of struggling, or I might struggle for the rest of my life. I’m consoled by the fact that I have good friends praying for me, and a wonderful God who is constantly working in my life to reshape me in the image of His Son. Part of that reshaping was being honest with my wife, and my friends about my sin. I hope that today’s challenge might help push someone towards making that same end.


22 Day Challenge 4 of 22

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First off: I failed today’s challenge completely. I’ve been busy at work and saw my challenge kinda late.

Day Four Challenge

I was supposed to eat health, no second servings, etc. Thanksgiving fail.

That said; I was having a hard time getting into today’s video at first. I’ve never really had an issue with eating. Foods good and all, but I don’t think I have enough appreciation for it to get out of control.
Then as the video progressed I started to notice things. It wasn’t just food. It could be any addiction; food, alcohol, drugs, porno, anything.
I liked seeing how she realized what God meant for her. How God uncovered her so He could heal her.

Reminded me of a bit from a CS Lewis book with a dragon and Aslan.

(If you haven’t at least read the Chronicles of Narnia since becoming an adult, you really should)

Anyway. In lieu of completing today’s challenge about healthy eating, I’ve just been praying that I’m able to show people God. I have so many friends that are hurting, that I know just need Jesus. I’ve been praying that God has another chance for them to open their eyes.

22 Day Challenge 3 of 22

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The Day three challenge can be seen here.
Ashley’s story revolves around an eating disorder.  She found an identity in here appearance. Appearance has always been a weak spot for me.  Ive been funny, athletic, popular, but never “good looking”.

I can empathize with finding an identity in something other than Christ though.  When I was younger I used to think I was pretty smart.  I was in advance placement classes.  I was pretty much always ahead of the other students in my class, me and a couple friends would compete for ‘best score’ on assignments sometimes (when we deemed it ‘cool enough’ to care about).

High school wrapped up.  Those friends I had went off to college.  I did a semester at OSU-Newark.  Then I didn’t have money to continue.  I’m a frugal guy, and I’m still extremely wary of loans.  At the time I had only had more than a thousand dollars twice in my life: once when buying my first car, and again the day that I paid tuition for that first quarter. So I quit college.

Couple years later, and a few terrible jobs later I hadn’t really made any progress.  I’d graduated high school with a lot of pride, a growing relationship with a young woman, and tons of momentum.  Two years passed and I’d lost pretty much all three of those things.

September 11th happened.  I thought to myself “Well if I’m not going to do anything with my life, maybe my country can.”  I joined the Marine Corps just after.  In boot camp I experienced my first real meeting with Jesus.  Young men and women were actually excited to be in the Chapel on Sunday mornings.  People were experiencing hardship in their life, bringing it all to lay at His feet, and it was positively breathtaking to me.

I wish I could say that I immediately turned from sin and walked with Jesus after that.  I didn’t at all, but I learned a lot about worship there, and a lot about community.  It showed me where I was headed in a few years time.

But most importantly it got me interested in reading my Bible.


22 Day Challenge 2 of 22

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Day two of the iamsecond challenge featured David McKenna.  His video described his life in drugs, and his recovered life with Christ.

You can see the video/challenge here.

David had a lot of issues with cocaine prior to really meeting Christ.  Davids story is a lot more like mine than yesterdays video.  Some people do something until they completely destroy things, then they KNOW that they need Jesus.  In life I’ve had my share of problems, and i approached them like David did.  After things were already bad, and my main problem was that I didn’t have “my idol”, I would talk to God and ask Him to carry my troubles for me.

In my heart I didn’t really want God, I didn’t want healed, I just wanted fixed up and set loose again.  I kept on that way for quite a while; calling myself a Christian, but placing all sorts of things in front of God in my priorities.  I wasn’t trying to hustle God, I just wasn’t paying attention to what He was tying to tell me.

God always took care of me though.  Infinite patience, and infinite love.  Not that I never got hurt, but that He was there for me.  Remembering how long it was, it seems like it took me practically forever to figure things out.  The biggest thing was that I didn’t need to worry about taking a million things out of my life, or following a million rules.  As Jesus becomes more and more important to me, everything else just seems to be getting smaller.

John 3:30 comes to mind.  It has been coming t mind a lot over the past couple years, and I imagine it will continue to do so.



Meeting November 20th

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When: Around seven pm.

Where: Average Joes, 4949 East Dublin Granville Road, Westerville, OH

Who: Returning friends, their guests, or any other guy from the community looking to hang out for a bit and talk about (primarily)Jesus, or sports, EMS, insulation, lawn mowing, engines, PCs, Damons, or anything else guys discuss over a burger and a beer.

We’ll be discussing the 22 Day challenge mentioned earlier on the site, as well as any other topics on people’shearts. Have something? post it in a comment that way others can crack their Bible and research a bit.

Might be a pizza special tomorrow night?

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow