Where is your family following you to?

Posted: November 17, 2012 by CJNeading in Thoughts
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This tweet really got me excited and “jacked up” for the new Live Second book. And got me thinking about our roles as men in our family.

“Consider what direction you have chosen for your family. Are you helping them to Live Second?”

A few words but so many thoughts come with it. We as men have a great responsibility to our family. We have been called not only to be a disciple of Christ but to lead our families in that same manner. I don’t know about you but it feels like more weight on my shoulders when I already feel as if I have an NFL lineman on them. Here is some biblical references.

• The man is the spiritual leader! I Cor. 11 Gen. 3
• The man is responsible to spiritually care for his wife! Eph. 5 I Peter 3
• The man is responsible to train and instruct his children in the Lord! Eph. 6; Deu. 6

We are failing.

• 4% of Christian men pray with their wife on a daily basis
• Less than 33% of Christian men lead a family devotion at least once a week.
• 22% of men have a daily time alone with God.

So why are we failing? Can we meet the expectations to lead? What should we do to become “lead pastors” in our own homes? What’s the first step?

For me it’s prayer. Every morning and night. I want my first and last moments of the day to be with Jesus. Something I haven’t done well but strive to improve. Pray with your family. Meals, times of hardship, times of joy, etc. For be this one is especially hard. Why? Public speaking (even if just in front of my family) isn’t my strong point. But practice makes perfect, right?

What advice to you have for others? What do you struggle with when it comes to leading your family?


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