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Posted: November 19, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge, Thoughts
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Received the email last night for day one if the 22 day challenge from iamsecond.
The video was a testimony from Brian Welch. Brian was a guitarist in the band Korn. He describes the situation he was in, and how he invited Jesus into his life to rescue Him. He then goes on to tell how Jesus has changed his life, and how he’s living his life with priorities in the proper order now.

Here’s a link to the Day One Challenge

In the video Brian talks about how God used a friend close to him. That friend shared a Bible verse with him, that simple act resulted in Brian accepting Jesus as his Savior.

The first Challenge for day one is to share a Bible verse with someone.

The second challenge is to share a link to Brian’s testimony.

The third is to pray for your city.

With this all posted, I’m going to spend some time with God. Try and see who He’d like me to share with.

Anyone can feel free to post in the comments section, and experiences or feelings they have in connection with today’s challenge.

  1. donaldsonta says:

    I liked how committed Brian was when he sat down to pray. He realized that he needed Jesus, and he prayed with confidence that God would take control of his life, and that he WANTED God to take control of his life.

    That’s an area where I think sometimes I’ve struggled. I know that God has a plan for my good, but I want to keep my hands on the wheel – just in case. Or I’ll pray about something financially, and then later I’ll think about it and end up committing less. I knew what God wanted for me, or from me; but I decided I should proofread the final draft.

    I’ve spent the past year or so in a position at work that I should have resigned quite some time ago. I knew God had better things for me, but I was afraid to take the cut in pay that would have resulted. I made up a million excuses for doing things my way.

    God has dealt with me softly, and I’ve finally given in to His will. I admire Brian’s immediate faith that God would take care of him. I’m praying that in the future I can trust God more. A person shouldn’t have to hanging on the brink of ruin to trust God. Not when that person has seen Jesus come through for them in life the way I have.

    I’m going to share Jeremiah 29:11 with my wife. It won’t be new for her, but I want to read it with her and talk about how I’m devoting myself doubly to trusting God’s plan for us. Sometimes I see a scripture and realize I’ve only brushed the surface of its meaning. This is definitely one of those times.

  2. I think the part that spoke to me the most was when he said “contentment is given to you in life because you don’t have to look anywhere else, and your exactly where you need to be and the question about life is answered”.

    For a long time I have had the feeling that I was checking off a series of items on a long to-do list of life goals. Get a job, buy a house, have a family, etc. I would check off one only to find myself looking to the next, always with a feeling of discontentment and the thought that I wasn’t quite where I was supposed to be yet.

    God has started to open my eyes to the fact that I’ve been looking in all the wrong places for peace and purpose. In a culture like ours it’s so easy to get caught up in the thought that you can attain these things through money, status, knowledge… But what happens when these things are stripped away from us, what happens when our time on this earth is done. We see that these things which seemed so real, so genuine, so likely to bring us peace were nothing but fabrications created by man to define a purpose that only God can give. So my prayer is that God will continue to reshape my thoughts and actions, that he will challenge me day by day to grow stronger in him, and that I would be willing to accept the purpose he laid out for me.

    The verse I will share is 2 Timothy 2:20, “Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable.” We each have a purpose and a plan. At the end of our lives some of us will have honored God by our thoughts, our actions and our relationship with him. All others will have lived a life that was only a fraction of what it could have been had they chose to seek God rather than themselves. I for one hope that I fall into that first category.

  3. CJNeading says:

    The part of Brian’s story that hits me the hardest is when he talks about the feelings he felt on the stage. As if he was being worshipped by the crowd.

    Recently looking back on my life before Christ I have tried to pinpoint my area of greatest weakness. I dont have a story of drugs, addiction, and hitting rock bottom but no sin is greater than another and mine and still is at times is PRIDE. I have always tried to win people over, be well liked, and alot of times at a sacrifice to who I am.

    The verse I choose is Proverbs 11:2

    2When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

    This has been very true in my life recently. When I have humbled myself before the Lord and found a place of peace I feel closer to God than ever before.

    Also I loved what he said about only Christ could fill the needs of his heart. Often I try to fill a need with worldly things and not looking to the Word.

  4. Travis Church says:

    Thanks for starting this up Terry! Kas and I both have been struggling for some structure in our relationship with God. I think Kas is jealous of what I have at iamsecond – she might start her own lady version …called iamthird? just kidding!

    I too struggle with Pride. It’s tough, especially as one tries to evangelize. I often try too hard to connect with people when evangelizing that I don’t become myself.

    Box checking – I’m guilty too. Think God is okay with box checking for religious metrics? (Example: 2 folks invited to church per week?)

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