22 Day Challenge 2 of 22

Posted: November 20, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Day two of the iamsecond challenge featured David McKenna.  His video described his life in drugs, and his recovered life with Christ.

You can see the video/challenge here.

David had a lot of issues with cocaine prior to really meeting Christ.  Davids story is a lot more like mine than yesterdays video.  Some people do something until they completely destroy things, then they KNOW that they need Jesus.  In life I’ve had my share of problems, and i approached them like David did.  After things were already bad, and my main problem was that I didn’t have “my idol”, I would talk to God and ask Him to carry my troubles for me.

In my heart I didn’t really want God, I didn’t want healed, I just wanted fixed up and set loose again.  I kept on that way for quite a while; calling myself a Christian, but placing all sorts of things in front of God in my priorities.  I wasn’t trying to hustle God, I just wasn’t paying attention to what He was tying to tell me.

God always took care of me though.  Infinite patience, and infinite love.  Not that I never got hurt, but that He was there for me.  Remembering how long it was, it seems like it took me practically forever to figure things out.  The biggest thing was that I didn’t need to worry about taking a million things out of my life, or following a million rules.  As Jesus becomes more and more important to me, everything else just seems to be getting smaller.

John 3:30 comes to mind.  It has been coming t mind a lot over the past couple years, and I imagine it will continue to do so.



  1. CJNeading says:

    Much like Terry I can relate to this video alot more. David talked about God always being with him guiding him along thru his journey and blessing his life but he has a long way to go.

    Thats how I feel. Though I may have not realized it God has always been walking along side me. Like a loving father he has allowed me to stumble but has always picked me back up.

    Unconditional love.

    “There may not be a later” that quote from David is so true. In the profession many of my friends and family work as well as myself, you are always reminded of how short life is. My wife working at a Childrens hospital has made my eyes grow wide and heart sadden for many families. Reminds me almost daily that I dont want to waste any more time of things that dont produce fruit.

    • donaldsonta says:

      I’m actually chilling here waiting for everyone in the group to get here (Average Joes). Really struck by what you said about not wanting to waste time in things that don’t produce fruit. Stoked to talk about it when we all get in!

  2. CJNeading says:

    Sorry didnt get a chance to touch on it Tuesday night but ya it made me look at all the things I spend time on. And try to approach my free time (which isnt much thanks to my wonderful daughter) with a different attitude. A lil less time of things that dont produce fruit like….fantasy football and more time on relationships with other including Jesus. Something as simple as reading a passage or verse first thing in the morning instead of trying to make a sneaky waiver claim.

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