22 Day Challenge 3 of 22

Posted: November 22, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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The Day three challenge can be seen here.
Ashley’s story revolves around an eating disorder.  She found an identity in here appearance. Appearance has always been a weak spot for me.  Ive been funny, athletic, popular, but never “good looking”.

I can empathize with finding an identity in something other than Christ though.  When I was younger I used to think I was pretty smart.  I was in advance placement classes.  I was pretty much always ahead of the other students in my class, me and a couple friends would compete for ‘best score’ on assignments sometimes (when we deemed it ‘cool enough’ to care about).

High school wrapped up.  Those friends I had went off to college.  I did a semester at OSU-Newark.  Then I didn’t have money to continue.  I’m a frugal guy, and I’m still extremely wary of loans.  At the time I had only had more than a thousand dollars twice in my life: once when buying my first car, and again the day that I paid tuition for that first quarter. So I quit college.

Couple years later, and a few terrible jobs later I hadn’t really made any progress.  I’d graduated high school with a lot of pride, a growing relationship with a young woman, and tons of momentum.  Two years passed and I’d lost pretty much all three of those things.

September 11th happened.  I thought to myself “Well if I’m not going to do anything with my life, maybe my country can.”  I joined the Marine Corps just after.  In boot camp I experienced my first real meeting with Jesus.  Young men and women were actually excited to be in the Chapel on Sunday mornings.  People were experiencing hardship in their life, bringing it all to lay at His feet, and it was positively breathtaking to me.

I wish I could say that I immediately turned from sin and walked with Jesus after that.  I didn’t at all, but I learned a lot about worship there, and a lot about community.  It showed me where I was headed in a few years time.

But most importantly it got me interested in reading my Bible.


  1. CJNeading says:

    What struck me with Ashley’s video is the high expectations her family had for her and she had for herself. Already with my daughter being just 9 months old. I look forward to all these great things I believe and maybe even expect her to do. I think its just a natural feeling for a proud parent but Ashley helped me see what harm that can cause without a good relationship.

    Her video reminded me that a good, open, and positive relationship is the most important thing between family, friends and God. If she was able to talk with her family about these expectations and her struggles it may have caused less pain in her life.

    And this is the relationship God wants from us. He knows we our sinners and wont live up to many of our and the world’s expectations but thats ok. He just longs for a relationship with us as a loving father.

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