22 Day Challenge 4 of 22

Posted: November 23, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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First off: I failed today’s challenge completely. I’ve been busy at work and saw my challenge kinda late.

Day Four Challenge

I was supposed to eat health, no second servings, etc. Thanksgiving fail.

That said; I was having a hard time getting into today’s video at first. I’ve never really had an issue with eating. Foods good and all, but I don’t think I have enough appreciation for it to get out of control.
Then as the video progressed I started to notice things. It wasn’t just food. It could be any addiction; food, alcohol, drugs, porno, anything.
I liked seeing how she realized what God meant for her. How God uncovered her so He could heal her.

Reminded me of a bit from a CS Lewis book with a dragon and Aslan.

(If you haven’t at least read the Chronicles of Narnia since becoming an adult, you really should)

Anyway. In lieu of completing today’s challenge about healthy eating, I’ve just been praying that I’m able to show people God. I have so many friends that are hurting, that I know just need Jesus. I’ve been praying that God has another chance for them to open their eyes.


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