22 Day Challenge 5 of 22

Posted: November 24, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Day five came a day late. There wasn’t any post sent out on Thanksgiving, guess I was supposed to take the day off 🙂

In any case, Day Five Challenge features baseball star Josh Hamilton. The video can be found here.

I think maybe iamsecond is having some difficulties, as I can’t get a good link from the email they sent me anymore. It actually links to Day 13, which is all off for us.
Josh talks about his life playing sports, how he sank into addictions to drugs and alcohol following the loss of his parents, and how he eventually recovered following his discovery of Jesus.

The Challenge for today was for each of us to think what our addiction is. Porn, drugs, alcohol,social media? For each person to pray about that, see what God is telling them, and to talk with a friend about it. Sit down with another brother or sister in Christ and discuss problems in your life. Ask for prayer, and ask them if you can pray for anything in their life.

I recently starting fighting an addiction to porn. It was something that I never really thought about, but after hearing sermon after sermon talk about it, I started to realize it really was an ‘addiction’. I’ve been dealing with it through close counsel with my wife. She’s a wonderful woman, and has done a great deal to help me get closer to Christ. I also talk about it with friends at iamsecond. By discussing it with them I’m giving them permission to hold me accountable. Most of all though, I’m asking them and my wife to pray for me.

Josh was gone from professional baseball for two years. I’m not sure how long I’m going to deal with my issues. It might be six months of struggling, or I might struggle for the rest of my life. I’m consoled by the fact that I have good friends praying for me, and a wonderful God who is constantly working in my life to reshape me in the image of His Son. Part of that reshaping was being honest with my wife, and my friends about my sin. I hope that today’s challenge might help push someone towards making that same end.


  1. CJNeading says:

    Josh Hamilton is one of the main reasons I found out about IAS and got turned onto the whole idea.
    I love the Josh Hamilton story for many reasons but none greater than the fact he still struggles.

    I would love for Josh to conquer his sin and never have a slip up again but thats why I love his story. Every day he struggles. Bc of the popularity of his sport he lives a very open life. He is honest about his addicitions and his sin. Also he is clear about the fact that only one thing can make things right. That being the death of Christ on the cross.

    Another thing is the love between him and his wife. What an example of a Christ centered marriage. Its not obvious in this interview but Josh’s wife has been instrumental to his rehab and continued battle with his demons. I think thats true in my marriage and as Terry talks about above a key part in his battle.

    And Josh’s dreams of wresting with the devil. I dont know about anyone else but that is something I can relate to. In all sorts of situations I felt like demons were working agaisnt me. I too believe with Jesus at my side we can chance down these demons and rid them from our lives.

    James 4: 7 So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    His verse was something we just touched on a few days ago, when dealing with my sin of pride. When I look at the example Josh tries to make in his life this verse is obviously his life verse. In a world and culture were he could be boostful and have that same sinful pride as me he chooses to do exactly what James 4:7 says.

    In this video about addicition its important to find outlets to get that “adrenaline rush.” For me its working out. Particularly running because I feel that you have the time and peace to let those addicitions go and/or come clean to God about your sins and in the end you feel rejuvenated.

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