22 Day Challenge 6 of 22

Posted: November 26, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Getting late. Haven’t really got a break to do much with iamsecond since getting the email this afternoon. Looks like another no sleep kinda night at work.
Saw a good variety of people today. Different problems, different sicknesses.
Today’s video reminded me of that. How people come to God in so many different ways. It also reminded me of how amazing God is to save people from the situations they get themselves in to.
The days video was about Karen. The daily challenge can be seen here.

Karen came from a unlikely background, and probably had to put a lot more trust in Jesus than most people. And it’s awesome that now she’s able to reach out to so many women that are hurting.
It’s easy in today’s society to forget about how many people in our own country live in terrible pain.

The daily challenge was to listen to someone. A lot of times this is really easy for me. A lot if the patients I deal with have a lot if troubles, but not so many people to talk about them with. I tried to be more open to a couple patients today, and prayed for them as we were speaking. That Jesus might heal their bodies, solve their troubles, or just give them His peace in their hearts.

Blogging on the iPhone, and I’m too tired at this point to figure out how to spellcheck. So grant me a little grace on that issue too if you can 🙂

  1. jablonnc says:

    Like Terry said, it’s really easy sometimes to forget how much pain and suffering people are going through not only around the world, but even in our own neighborhood. I know that I am constantly guilty of focusing on my own life and having blinders on to all those people out there that need help, a very out of sight out of mind mentality.

    Some of us are so lucky to have what we have, and yet we still find a way to complain and feel sorry for our current situation rather than using all the blessings God has bestowed on us and help those in need. This is something I personally need to work on.

    I think it’s amazing that someone like Karen is able to not only heal from the terrible things she experienced in her life, but use what she went through to help other women and even start her own ministry. I think this a great demonstration of what God can do in anyone’s life, he can take a life that looks so broken and use it for something so great.

  2. CJNeading says:

    Im going to echo your comments and say I am guilty as well as seeing people at surface level sometimes. Its almost as if we our all living in our own bubble and cant see others problems bc we are to busy trying to make sure our own bubble doesnt pop. The times I have taken the time to hear someone out I have been shocked, amazed, and sometimes disgusted with the things going on in their life. Sometimes I wanted to react with shouting other times with tears but most importantly we need to love them and pray for those that are in pain and suffering no matter the circumstances.

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