22 Day Challenge 8 of 22

Posted: November 29, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Todays video featured Bailee Madison.  Here it is.

Initially I was kinda thinking I wouldn’t gain much from a child’s testimony.  After I watched it halfway through once, prayed a bit, then watched it again, I ended up really enjoying it.

Bailee talks about having a couple acting pieces taken by another young actress. Initially she was kind of angry about it.  She later found out, that the other girl was very inexperienced, and didn’t know that what she was doing was possibly against some sort of unwritten rule.  Bailee goes on to explain that she and the girl became good friends. I’m often pretty guilty of acting like this.  Something doesn’t go my way, and I immediately assume that persons involved have malicious intent.

I’ll usually rethink it, pray about it, and work through my feelings.  But I think it’s great that Baille’s Mother is raising such a Godly young woman.  She has such a wonderful head start. My wife and I talk a lot about having children.  I really enjoyed hearing Bailee explain things in her point of view.  Bailee talks about Jesus with language she’s learning from her Mother, and that can help Bailee to be a nice Christian role model for other little girls.

I also thought it was funny when Bailee was talking about her prayer life.  My prayer life is pretty childish sometimes.  I definitely have bad days where I get self absorbed in things, and I barely talk to God.  Other days I have a wonderful time, having little prayers about all kinds of things.  I’ll pray about whether to stop for gas today or tomorrow, or even what kind of candy bar to get.  I’ll give God thanks a hundred times in a day sometimes because He’s given me such a wonderful helper in my wife.

It was a nice change up, and gave me some things to think about.  Plus it’s probably a great testimony for someone who’s a big fan of Bridge to Teribithia.

  1. CJNeading says:

    So how old is this little girl again??? Wow. Like terry said what a head start she has. Having a little 10month girl at home I couldn’t wish for her to have a better role model and example of a Godly child! She even recognizes when demons our in her life trying to do evil in her life. I can’t get over how much this little girl gets “IT” when I still struggle at times to make sense of it all 27yrs later.

    Her example of the personnel relationship God and her is inspiring. Something I have been working towards recently. I love that god has allowed a little girl be an inspiration and example for a 27 your old man.

    Another daily challenge and another mention of being humble. This entire challenge is really hitting on my sin of Pride and how to deal with it. And that is humbling myself before The Lord.

    The power of forgiveness is also shown in her story. From anger feeling towards another child actress to a “BFF” relationship as she describes it. Just like the other day when we talked about listening to others and trying to understand their pain and suffering Bailee too worked thru here anger to better understand her fellow actress and now friend. People can be so misunderstood because we refuse to listen and find out the “why” God didn’t call us to judge and condemn one another but yet to love each other. This jump out to because of what I was reading in Romans 14 last night in my nightly study(if you havent checked “you version” out yet, do it great resource”

    “Do you have any business crossing people off the guest list or interfering with God’s welcome? If there are corrections to be made or manners to be learned, God can handle that without your help.”

    God doesn’t need our help in judging or “correcting” others but rather in loving others. That us what pleases his heart.

    My prayer today is to humble myself, forgive freely, and be free of judgement and full of love.

  2. Travis Church says:

    Wow! Like you said Terry it took me back at first to listen to a testimony from such a young girl. Its very humbling to hear a story of how someone became humble, especially when that someone is just a fraction of your own age.

    I often get judgemental in public, especially when I feel wronged by an elder (people who look 40 and over), say in public. I think to myself “boy, I’m far more humble and mature that that old person will ever be”. Bailee just showed me up!

    CJ – thanks for the “You Version” tip. Is it a website? or an app?

    • donaldsonta says:

      Youversion is both?

      It’s a great app that also links to a website. You can do some good reading on the go, or use it for devotionals, but it also has some neat functions that work really well on the full site. A lot of people write different posts “tagged” to the scriptures, and you can see what their responses to a scripture passage was. Sometimes it’s short, other times it’s a really neat take on a scripture that I wouldn’t have thought of.

      If you wanna download it:


      I tried to get a good link for Droid users, but it wasn’t really working. Probably have to do a quick search for “youversion” in Google Play. I’m not real sure about Blackberry or Windows phones; anyone that has one is probably used to their life being difficult anyway. They should repent and get an iPhone.

  3. jablonnc says:

    It’s amazing that this little girl has such an insightful view of her walk with God and that even at such a young age has her priorities in the right place and realizes she is second. Like CJ said, I’m still struggling with these things right now, so it’s very humbling to see someone so young who seems to have it figured it out.

    There’s not a single person I know that doesn’t get caught up in judging someone else, and I am convicted personally on this topic more often than I’d like to admit. Like Travis said, it’s so easy to be out in public and cast judgment on another when they do something that offends you, irritates you or in general disagrees with how you would have handled something. The truth of the matter is you have no idea who that person is or what they’ve been through, and yet we feel that we are somehow better than that person.

    The verse that CJ mentions above is so true. We really don’t have any right to judge or condemn others, and God definitely does not need our help in determining who is right and who is wrong. I too will say the same prayer as CJ and ask that God helps me to humble myself and not cast judgement on others.

    On a side note, I’m a major nerd and actually liked Bridge to Teribithia. My last prayer is that I can be as good of a parent as this girls parents are to her, and raise children that will walk with God for their entire lives.

    • donaldsonta says:

      Bridge to Teribithia, Princess Bride, and Willow? You’re amassing quite the resume sir!

      • jablonnc says:

        Well I know that I just spoke about being humble, but yes my movie resume is a hidden gem 🙂

        I can get quite a bit nerdier with other movies I like, those you listed above is just a fraction of how far down the rabbits hole I can go.

      • Travis Church says:

        btw I have Princess Bride…I think on blu ray, if we decide to watch this…perhaps an “extended” iamsecond meeting sometime? …& Noah – thats one scary rabbit hole

      • donaldsonta says:

        Maybe Willow. A little more manly, lol.

        And I’m encouraging Noah to come dressed in character. I’m not saying that I KNOW he already has a Willow costume….but I do suspect that.

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