22 Day Challenge 9 of 22

Posted: November 30, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Today’s challenge is here.

I’m not sure what to say except maybe “Amen”. It’s a good message, and a good truth. I don’t think anyone has ever convinced another to accept Jesus as their savior. God has a plan for that to happen or not.
Not that a person should stop talking about Jesus.
Firstly anyone who’s really found Jesus is just excited and wants to share it, without even it being an assignment to disciples.
Secondly God can (and does) use our actions to His Glory. Elijah stacked done wood, and he prayed, but he didn’t light the fire.

Anyway. Great video to maybe crack the shell of someone. Very real stuff. Got a bit carried away, I just like talking about Jesus! Lol

  1. Travis Church says:

    Wow this video really hit home for me.

    After an indoor soccer game last night the team went out for drinks at World of Beer in Easton. I was tired and not feeling swell (do not eat sushi before soccer), but in a weird sort of way felt called to go. I wasn’t sure if I was called in a religious way or just b/c I felt I had to show that married guys still know how to par-tay…

    What started as a post game celebration (we didn’t win, but we did score 4 goals!), I entered into a deep conversation with a teammate who’d been having some relationship issues, which eventually changed topics to religion, let’s refer to him as Bob. Bob been affiliated/attending a Methodist church but fell away from it; primarily due to lack of blind faith and disagreement with the concept of a church (something you guys know I struggle with, specifically how a church spends its money). From previous conversations I knew that Bob was far more intelligent than I; and we quickly came to the conclusion that he couldn’t scientifically/mathematically prove the existence of God, and lacked blind dumb faith. Often feeling intellectually inferior around Bob, I didn’t try and challenge any viewpoints/push any (perhaps I was buzzing on the Red Rye IPA as well? Lightweight!).

    When I saw this video it hit me that I should send it to Bob. Sadly Bob can’t play the video on his smartphone (should we notify iamsecond to change formats to get more viewers?), but he plans to watch it later. Awesome.

    I was known in college for bringing folks to the ministry I was a part of, the Wesley Foundation at Virginia Tech (it really feels good when they tell you that when you go back to visit). Then I had plenty of hooks, such as “come play on our [insert cool sports like walleyball] intramural team”, or “come play some Mario Kart” or …you get it. It came effortlessly. I don’t feel as driven now. That’s something to work on.

  2. CJNeading says:

    I love this video and i will also give it an “AMEN.” I love the analogy of a gift. You can offer it but someone has to be willing accept it. Thats kind been my view towards it in many ways with people I have felt called to move towards the kingdom. But I know I can just let them know about things where to look and most important trust in God that he is also working in their heart. And when they may have question or need someone to talk to we can be there for them. Because it does sound ridiculous, foolish, and something that cant be proven if you dont have FAITH.

    Travis thanks for sharing Im so glad something as simple as a soccer game, a married guy who wants to par-tay, and IAS videos can come together and maybe move someone towards Jesus.

  3. jablonnc says:

    Well you guys summed it up, but I’ll contribute my piece nonetheless. Probably one of the biggest things that turns people away from God is when someone (normally with good intentions) tries to force it on them rather than offering it as a gift that they can choose to receive or not receive.

    It reminds me of getting advice at work. If someone were to come up to me and tell me I was doing something wrong and that they knew the right way, the stubborn part of me would probably immediately put up a wall and refuse to listen to them (this all hypothetical ;)). If however that person showed me something they were working on that allowed me to discover what I was doing wrong and fix it, I would be much more inclined to listen and learn from that person.

    This is one way I’ve always viewed discipleship. We should not hit people over the head with the Bible hoping osmosis will kick in or attempt to shame someone by demonstrating we’re somehow superior to them. Rather we should live and breathe the word on a daily basis and let God show through us to those we’re trying to reach.

  4. donaldsonta says:

    It’s hardly the bulletproof answer that most scientifically minded people want, but I think CS Lewis might have penned the most ‘logical’ response to such people. He claimed to have converted as a result of logic instead of faith himself.

    Empiricism suggests that if something isn’t able to be detected by our five senses then it doesn’t exist. ie: God can’t be real because I can’t prove Him to be there.

    Lewis viewed the palpable absence of God as proof that He is with us. The so-called “God shaped hole in Man’s heart”. Like Solomon, or (to a lesser degree) Wayne from the video the other day: it’s possible to have almost anything in the world, but still be wanting.

    Lewis said it like this:

    “If I find in myself desires, which nothing in this world can satisfy. The only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”

    In Ecclesiastes 3:11 the Bible says that God put eternity into mans heart. This is often heralded as the scripture basis for the “I know God is there because before I found Him I wasn’t satisfied, and from the pattern that had been forming it seemed pretty likely that I would have been looking for an eternity” argument. Christ is the only eternity that we’ll find in this world.

    Not that I just broke all this off from my own great wiisdom. It was all in a sermon I listened to a couple days ago called “A History of Darkness and Depravity” from Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Dallas. It’s not as ‘dark’ as it sounds. Great preacher!

    Their sermon page is http://www.thevillagechurch.net/resources/sermons/

    They also have a nice app for iphone and droid.

    • jablonnc says:

      Thanks for sharing that, I feel like that’s something my dad would actually listen to. I think one thing I love about what you just shared is the simplicity as well. Since I’ve been coding all day, I feel it’s appropriate to sum it up with a ternary operator:

      I > world ? God : world;

  5. donaldsonta says:

    I’m totally unable to operate ternaries.

    I actually clicked on your name, and found myself on noahjablonski.com today.

    Pretty neat stuff! Still can’t remember if that would be front end or back end stuff, but I liked the nesting dolls.

    That was quite a statement.

    But yeah, CS Lewis has some strange stuff. A lot of it is pretty different than conventional thinking. I think it may have been the start to some weird stuff going on in out time, but all ij all a bunch of great reading.

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