22 Day Challenge 10 of 22

Posted: December 1, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Day Ten Challenge.

Vitor Belfort was featured in the day 10 challenge.

I like how Vitor opened his video.  A lot of Christians grow up always feeling God’s love, and the love of other Christians.  The concept of God being loving is easy to understand because it’s written on our lives.  I didn’t have an easy time in life, but it was a lot easier than Vitors.  It’s amazing that he lost a loved one like that, and overcame his bitterness to develop a relationship with God.

The challenge was to ask myself what pain I’ve been holding onto that I need to give to God.  For me there really isn’t anything.  I’ve been so blessed in my life, that I’m unable to think up an issue that I’m holding in my heart right now.

In lieu of that today, I’m just praying for Vitor, and for others that have recently lost a loved one.  I saw an arrest rolling into the ER the other evening.  Medics were doing CPR on the person as the made their way into a room.  I just immediately started praying for the person, for their family, and for Jesus to reach out for them.  If they’d spent their whole life rejecting Christ, I just prayed that in their dying moments the person would ask for Jesus to save them.

Sometimes really severe things happen before we open our eyes to the Truth that God has for us.  Thankfully God gives us the grace to recover from those things and form a relationship with Him.

  1. jablonnc says:

    I definitely have never been through anything as terrible as Vitor, and I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering that he went through when he lost his sister. It’s amazing that instead of being torn apart by what happened, he instead found God and now is able to help others by offering a testimony to others who may be going through something similar. Like Terry said, sometimes it takes a life altering event to open our eyes to the fact that we need God and that we’re nothing without him.

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