In Lieu of 22 Day Challenge

Posted: December 2, 2012 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized

Through some error I was again disappointed to have not received my challenge email today.  That’s okay though, I decided to just post some thoughts I have about something I came across the other night.

I was doing some iamsecond reading last night, and I came across a site criticizing the iamsecond.  One of the main points is that the videos often portray the people as ‘having their problems solved’ in their coming to Christ. In the videos many people have an addiction, or an issue in their life, and after they come to know Jesus they miraculously are healed of their affliction.

I think I might have touched on my issues in an earlier post, but I’d like to revisit it.  I have an issue with porn.  I still struggle with it sometimes.  In some of the videos, the characters immediately seem to Repent from their addictions.  Victors video from yesterday was an example of someone who didn’t.  He knew he needed God, and he was praying, but he didn’t experience an instant turn around.  God handles different people in different ways.

People handle their sin in different ways, and they handle their relationship with God in different ways.  So I don’t know that I’m really willing to villainize iamsecond for producing videos that show people experiencing a positive change in their life after meeting Jesus.

Realistically I think all people do.  Their life might get harder, easier, or staying the same (in worldly terms), but people should be experiencing more peace in their life living with Christ.

Overall I think someone is just “picking nits” because they don’t like a certain type of presentation.  The webpage had a couple other arguments that I might touch on if I miss any more emails.

  1. Travis Church says:

    Terry -Yep it seems that someone is just “picking nits”. If they looked into the videos further they would find out that not all of the stories have quick on/off switches to repentance.

    In a sermon a few weeks ago Greg mentioned a time when a guy started talking to him in a coffee shop, asking about god. Greg openly shared for this individual, then the individual proceded to ask tons of questions. After a bit the questions got more and more negative. Greg asked the individual if his questions were god seeking or if they were trying to trip him [Greg] up. The guy admitted the second, and Greg politely left the conversation.

    The real question is empathizing with that individual and determining why they were trying to poke holes in another’s faith. Once that incentive is determined, the conversation could be altered to focus on that individual’s reasonings. It is often easy to say the devil is working through that individual. I think its not the case…


    I’d be more than happy to host iamsecond this week at my house. Interested? I’m thinking Tuesday at 6:30? Unless someone has other plans? Or Terry works on Tuesday?

  2. CJNeading says:

    Not that IA2 has made videos about Josh Hamiltons continued struggles but he is an example of someone who openly still struggles. Thanks for offering to host! Im on a tight deadline for the basement and have to use rented tools in a timely fashion. Also Ill tell Terry to. If you guys could pray for my wife. Working on the cancer floor has been a little rough lately. Thanks!!

    • donaldsonta says:

      Me and the wifer will do some praying. Cancer floor is probably rough.
      Every moment in Gods plans for us can’t be marriages and childbirth, but having to work in an environment like that is taxing on the heart.

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