22 Day Challenge 13 of 22

Posted: December 6, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Today’s challenge features Nate Larkin. The video is here, the challenge is unknown. The link I got was broken, so all I got was the name of the person.
Nate was a pastor, addicted to porn. Travis just mentioned the range some of these videos. Nate has no small problem. Having a history involving porn myself, it was definitely eye opening to see how far things can go wrong. I can’t imagine how he must have felt at some points I his story.
We has also just talked the other day how in iamsecond had been criticized for presenting salvation as a “silver bullet” to solve people’s problems. Nate’s story starkly contracted that view.
When I spoke with my wife about my issue, I too was struck by the freedom I found in truth. I was able to be more honest in every aspect of my life as a result. It’s still a struggle for me, but it’s very much worth the effort.

  1. jablonnc says:

    I definitely do not see salvation as being a ‘silver bullet’ to solving one’s issues. Rather I think by getting saved and seeking a relationship with God, we start to build a foundation of wisdom that helps us to confront our issues and slowly work on solving them. Additionally, I think our issues can be one of our greatest forms of discipleship. As Nate hinted to in the video, his greatest challenge in life is now something that allows him to help others. I know a lot of people struggle with their past, thinking that their past failures and sins will follow them till the end of their days no matter what they do now. But the way I see it, I’m now able to help someone else avoid or work on their issues because I’ve been through the same thing or something similar.

  2. CJNeading says:

    I love how he opens his video. the day his story came out his ministry started. God truly uses everything for good. I can agree that all my sin had been eventually been used for good by the grace of God. Working thru the struggles is when you feel the Holy Spirit the most in your life.

    God is good all the time
    All the time God is good

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