22 Day Challenge 14 of 22

Posted: December 7, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Challenge here.

I liked today’s challenge a lot. Brian had a testimony kind of similar to a pastor that I listen to. The pastor actually started learning about Jesus in order to make fun of it, then God changed his heart and made him a Christian.
Seemed like it worked the same way for Brian. I related to him a lot because I’m an angry guy sometimes. I pray a lot about accepting Gods control, and not overreacting to things. Some days I do better than others.
I also liked the way Brian presented his relationship with his wife. I’m sure it can play out exactly like that when Jesus isn’t the center of your marriage.
That’s probably the biggest thing Jesus has changed about me: my ability to live others.

  1. Travis Church says:

    I think there is an inherent quality in a relationship with God that assists a marriage. Outside of the verses and messages that give you a hint at how to make a good marriage is the simple fact that without a relationship with God we have a tendency to not prioritize our relationships.
    By defining yourself as second, you define the rest of the parts in your life. I think of everything in a tiered format, God/Jesus @ 1st, myself and my wife @ level 2, friends and family close behind level 2, and work, money, material possessions, pushed way down the list. Without this prioritized structure you could easily put yourself first.
    Another side effect from the prioritization of being second is that you tend to be more humble. The acceptance that you are not first immediately allows you to gain a broader perspective on life; I like to think of it with the following photography analogy. Before your relationship with god you are looking through a telephoto lens and that view consists of boxes to check, you don’t even think about others. As soon as you accept being second, your lens is switched out for a wide angle fish eye. You see the greater picture, God’s picture, and all the interconnections. Now you are humble, and empathize. You finally are able to see your purpose in life.

  2. CJNeading says:

    Great analogy Travis really can relate!

    Again just like Wayne H. only Jesus can satisfy the hole in our heart. Not love of our familes, money, or even our children. Jesus must be first. Period.

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