Challenge setback

Posted: December 12, 2012 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized

There was no challenge in my mail today. #Disappointment

However; we did have a great meeting last night at J Gumbos in Olde Gahanna. We talked about a bunch of different subjects. One of which is one that my wife and I talk about regularly. Our discussion basically: How much effort should be taken to make Christianity seem appealing to ‘the world’.

HD video, audio, laser light show, etc.
What’s too much? A lot of Church keep it basic, having put a halt to any progress made after 1920.

(I suspect women’s rights might have been seen as a source of sin tainting all inventions and popular culture throughout the rest of time)

At first glance Jesus doesn’t use a lot of “technology” in his teaching. He does do things that grab a listeners attention at the start of a conversation though. When talking with the woman at the well, Jesus gains her attention, then invites her to relationship. When telling parables Jesus uses circumstances that the audience could relate to. When the Gospels were written, each was written in a certain style to APPEAL to a different demographic that they were originally written to.

I’m not saying my argument is bulletproof. Just some observations. Have any of you seen a scripture reference to the contrary? I didn’t google it, just working off memory.

  1. Travis Church says:

    #Disappointment indeed. iamsecond must have a second rate website email system… #badjoke

    ha! I like the womens rights movement joke – just to clarify to anyone who doesn’t know Terry, he is definitely joking.

    Great point on Christianity appeal – I think this discussion originated after discussion of the iamsecond dislike page where they make a good point in that many of the videos involve a very short path in the walk with Jesus when in reality it is often quite a long, challenging path. It may have also started when discussing Church’s with too much technology, that may be lacking elsewhere.

    I believe appeal is okay – a certain amount of evangelism should involve marketing to help Christianity appeal to those curious. iamsecond, and all religious organizations just need to make sure we are not selling a lie …fun thought – we should add “results may take a while, and results may vary” to the end of these videos -like a new drug advertisement…

    On technology- I think there needs to be balance. As Greg mentioned @ Church during his sermon – where you spend your time, talent, energy, and money is what you believe. If a Church is spending a large quantity of their resources on technology and not on services to people in need (aka missions) then that might at first glance be off kilter from my preferences. But, if the Church’s objective is to reach a broader audience, technology might be required. This is something I struggle with.

    ION (in other news) I’m finally volunteering with Habitat again this Saturday if anyone can join…

    If so – go here, create a profile, enter the volunteer hub…
    I’ll be @ 1226 John G McCoy Circle from 8:30-4ish

  2. jablonnc says:

    Sorry I missed last night, I definitely would have enjoyed partaking in that talk. I think a lot people want to sugarcoat Christianity. They want to use nice wrapping paper, put a bow on top and hope that people will see take this shiny new gift that’s being offered to them. In general they don’t want to scare people away, I know this is how I think a lot of times. However I think there’s a balancing act that we must achieve to avoid the pitfall where we are trying to appeal so much to an individual that we actually start to warp and taint what God is.

    I won’t say one way or another whether OneChurch is putting too much time/money into one thing or another, because at the end of the day I believe we need to have faith in the leaders of our church. But I do believe that on an individual level it’s important to keep this topic in the back of our minds and make sure we’re presenting God and his word in the way that he would want us to present it and not in a way that simply makes it more appealing to another individual. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, similarly you can share what you know and what you believe but at the end of the day it’s a choice that person has to make.

    Travis, I dig the new iamsecond slogon!

    • donaldsonta says:

      More related to “presentation style” than presentation budget: but a lot of organizations place emphasis on Jesus as a healer or ‘missing piece’.

      Mars Hill out in Seattle has had a lot of success presenting Christianity as more of a challenge. They’ve succeeded in attracting a large number of young single men with this kind of mindset. It’s kind of a different route.

  3. CJNeading says:

    Mars Hill two thumbs up on the way the appeal to others. And obviously it’s working.

    I also believe like Noah said you have to trust in your leadership.

    And Travis I too struggle with thinking about how things r run at particular places. Ex specially when I tend lean towards more onwards the “doing” side of things(missions)

    And that awesome about habitat! Saturday isn’t great for me but it be awesome to serve together on such a project sometime

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