22 Day Challenge 20 of 22

Posted: December 14, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Today’s challenge features my dude Colt McCoy.

One of the first videos I saw on iamsecond was Colt’s. A good friend knew I was a fan of his and recommended it to me. Shortly after that he suggested we start our own iamsecond group. That’s just some background on the Colt video.

As far as the content, Colts video is about priorities, sharing Jesus, and (indirectly) living in a way that Christ has called us to. When we live in communion with Jesus, our life can reflect Him in a way that is attractive to others. Everyone doesn’t have to be a NFL quarterback to seem intriguing. God has a plan to save His children, we just need to play our role; small or large, with all the heart He’s given us.

  1. CJNeading says:

    I think Colt accomplish his mission o being known as a follower of Chriat over a winning QB at least for me. When I think I him I also think of Tim tebow and Sam Bradford. Maybe just in my eyes but these three QBs were all very open and public about their faith in college. It seems like more and more we hear about athletes faith and love for God, they were kind of the first few to start that movenent IMO. They are “my guys” because they don’t shy away from their faith and also seem to be putting Jesus first.

    Colt also touched on he isn’t perfect. He may stumble just like us all and that Jesus is the only perfect man on this earth. I think it’s hard for a “man’s man” to admit he isn’t right, is weak, or even that he has sinned. But it takes some vulnerability to put yourself second. Or maybe third or fourth? 🙂

    My hope like Colts is when someone I know has a question about God they know that they can come to me because I have put myself out there as a person of faith. And someone that won’t look down upon them for the choices in their life. Because I also have choices I’m not proud of but I have accepted Jesus death to pay or my sins. The ultimate gift.

  2. Travis says:

    Good post.

    Once again I can’t find back taxes etc on a speaker 😛

    I can’t think of much to say so ill look towards next week – what day are we meeting? Sadly I’m out on business tues-thurs so ill of course suggest Monday.

  3. jablonnc says:

    I think this is the number one thing I struggle with. My mind is constantly bombarded by thoughts and ideas, and a lot of times I have a hard time tuning these out and making God the priority of my mind. I know that devil preys on our weaknesses, and sometimes those weaknesses aren’t quite apparent until you do a little self reflection. So I’m praying that God can help me to clear my mind and focus on him.

    • donaldsonta says:

      CJ had a great idea of having a prayer request area on the site. That way we can pray for different things and keep track of them. I’m not sure if he’s been able to figure out how to do it. He’s better with WordPress than me. But if we get it, we would all remember to pray for your focus, or for my peace, etc.
      Our gingerbread house (for example) could have benefited from some prayer.

      In hindsight.

  4. CJNeading says:

    Hopefully have it today. Customer support been walking me thru it

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