22 Day Challenge 21 of 22

Posted: December 15, 2012 by donaldsonta in 22 Day Challenge
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Today’s Challenge video is linked here.

On YouTube again, technical difficulties with the actual email.

Jason seemed like a good guy, and I like the ease he has talking about Jesus. He had a great platform he was able to take advantage of to show people how God worked in his life. And I liked how he mentioned Christ coming as a servant for all. That’s a critical bit that a lot of Christians seem to miss. Jesus didn’t give us a light to hide away in a Church on Sunday mornings. We don’t have a light to share with a few Christian friends Wednesday nights at seven. We need to be out in the world as servants for all. Because that’s what Jesus did.

The challenge this week was to think what you would say if you were in “the white chair”. What would each of our testimonies be? I know I need to iron one out.

  1. CJNeading says:

    I can’t play guitar or really know anything about them but that one with the trinity in it was sweet! I love to hear about musicians and athletes talk about the stage or platform they use to show the love of Christ to the world. I think wow that must be cool to reach potential millions of people. But it got me thinking what is my platform? We are all called to be a servant for all no matter how many people we can reach at a tine. Is riding with someone on the way to the ER, is in the workplace, or maybe with family around the holidays?
    It’s all of them. I need to be reminded that I’m called to be a light at all times in joy and pain.

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