Happy New Year! And New Schedule!

Posted: January 1, 2013 by CJNeading in Uncategorized
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Happy New Year to all! I’m sure all your Christmas activities were as busy as mine but I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!

If you havent gotten a hard copy of “Live Second” yet or an ebook check it out! On amazon right now for 1.99 Or get ahold of Terry we still have a few copies for you guys. It looks to be a year-long devotional similar to the 22 day challenge. I encourage everyone to keep up with as I’m sure we will be discussing some topics from the book over the year. Mainly tho so you all can hold me accountable for keeping on this devotional.

As far as schedule goes, we will be doing a monthly schedule at a time. So for january 2013…drum roll please….MONDAYS!!

We will be meeting on Mondays in Jan at 7PM.

Jan 7

Jan 14

Jan 28

You maybe wondering where?? Be sure to check our meetings page to find out!

Also what about Jan 21st??? No it’s not another Mayan calendar mishap. We are looking to do either a serving opportunity on the Saturday or maybe coffee on sunday night.

Serving (Habitat, soup kitchen, etc.) We thought #ServiceSaturdays would be a good way to get the whole family involved. Well maybe not my pregnant wife or one year old daughter on a construction site but you get the idea. Any ideas or places you have a passion for let us know!

#CoffeeSundayNights we were thinking of possible getting into some books. Again ideas encouraged! I know for me I see about 30 books I want to read but end up reading 3 chapters of A book. So accountability would be great for me. Dont have to do a book a week but something to think about.

Dont forget about the prayer wall as well.

Feedback is good let us know the good the bad the weird and the inspiring.

  1. jablonnc says:

    Big fan of the new ideas. Especially pumped about the serving ideas and including our families, great idea.

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