January 26 Serving Opportunity!

Posted: January 18, 2013 by donaldsonta in Serving
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Although I literally just posted the schedule with different Saturdays and Mondays, on Saturday January 26th there is a church member over at OneChurch that could use some help. Chad Koenig heats his house primarily with a wood burning furnace. Chads a just one guy, and isn’t really going to be able to get out on his property to cut and split the wood the amount of wood he’ll need this year. The extreme cold we’ve been getting is only making it harder fir him to get stuff done, and his fuel consumption go faster. As a result he’s getting killed on fuel oil to heat his place. Randy and Chris Colbaugh (another guy from OneChurch) arranged some equipment on the 26th to try and get some wood together on Chads property, and maybe a few other projects if there is time. Chad has always been very charitable by offering his property to anyone from the Church for get togethers, and has opened his home several times for guests of the Church that needed a place to stay.
Randy would know a little better about the start and end times, but I think one of the projects was Chris digging up a small backdrop area to serve as a small range for some of the guys from the Church to do some recreational shooting. So we’re planning on some fellowship after the work is done. The range on his property is a pretty good example of Chad being an all around generous guy. So far I know Ryan, Randy, Chris, and myself will be out there. We should have some chainsaws, a maul, sledge&wedges, a hydraulic splitter, and my truck.
Anyone who would like to help, please feel welcome to join us. It should be a good time helping out a brother in Christ.


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