New Schedule for meeting days

Posted: January 18, 2013 by donaldsonta in Meetings

Due to some work schedule changes we’ve decided to revamp the meeting schedule. Previously we had been rotating M,W,T.
The new schedule is going to be two out of three Mondays, and a rotating Saturday. The idea being that we’ll meet two Mondays in a row, then that Saturday we’ll gather and use the time to help someone in the community.
We don’t want to monopolize everyone’s Saturdays, so we were thinking that only every sixth week would a community service opportunity.
So in a theoretical six week period:

Week One: Monday night meeting
Week Two: Monday night meeting
Week Three: *OFF*
Week Four: Monday night meeting
Week Five: Monday night meeting
Week Six: Serving Others!

The reason I put the third week in asterisks is that our hope is that people might use that third week to coordinate schedules and meet with another member for lunch, invite each others families over for dinner, or maybe treat a work friend/acquaintance to dinner to show them the Love of Christ.

The group has gone up and down in attendance over the past year, but it’s important that as it grows we don’t lose close connections with others. One of our main goals in this group is to have a good group of friends to pray with, talk, and hold each other accountable.

Having an opportunity with every sixth week should provide us with some time to meet in smaller numbers so we can make sure we all know each other well enough to speak Truth into one another’s lives.

Can I get an Amen? Or any other comments?


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