Posted: January 27, 2013 by CJNeading in Serving

A look at what some guys from The group did this past Saturday…

mindy koenig

A few weeks ago my husband received a phone call from a friend. The call was unexpected. The words uttered poured His love on our family.

You see, we live on 13 acres. We have a wood burning furnace BUT  we have no wood.  Fallen tree’s are scattered all over our property. BUT the tractor is broke down, the trailer for hauling wood has a flat tire and someone stole our chain saw last fall. We ran out of wood a few weeks ago and we’ve had to use fuel oil to heat our home~it’s very expensive ($1,100 for one month). Looking back, we haven’t  had enough wood to heat our home the last few years. We work  full-time and have 2 children (each with their own special needs).  We are reluctant to ask for help. We don’t want to burden our friends.  So we pray. We ask God…

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