Full of Hot Air?

Posted: February 10, 2013 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized

Sometimes we spend some time over food/drinks talking about secondary matters of Christian doctrine: I beleive this, so and so beleives that, etc.  Regardless of how scripture based we feel our argument is, we’ll often find the other party unconvinced of our ‘rock solid’ argument.

I still don’t see these times as a waste, or a loss though. These conversations with Christian Brothers and Sisters are exactly the type of talk that we can use to sharpen our speaking skills, and bounce some of our personal theology around.  Things seem like great ideas in my head, but once I’m trying to explain my position to someone on an issue for the first time, I’m more like a duck on ice. 

Another huge benefit of talking things over with other Christians is the ability to see another persons point of view.  God brought me to Him on a specific route that He plotted out to soften MY heart. So I don’t necessarily understand all the things on everyone else’s path.  I started with no faith, and tripped over most of the sins in the Old Testament on my way to Christ.  Some of the testimonies I’ve heard from others are amazing to me, because of how different their path was.  There’s been a lot of times where I was very harsh on an issue because I failed to simply love people, or i forgot to realize that God has different goals for us in this world than we do.

I recently had a short conversation with a friend about sin, and what some consequences were, and how the 10 Commandments related to it all.  I’ve spent so much time talking over topics with guys at iamsecond, that I actually manged to put together something fairly smooth. 

All that to say, that while I’m excited about getting more projects done, I really enjoy our interactions in general.  Beer might be there with us, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not making progress in Christ.


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