Live Second Week 8

Posted: February 18, 2013 by CJNeading in Live Second
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Week 8’s video… Brian Sumner

Let Week 8 thoughts and discussion continue…

  1. CJNeading says:

    These words really hit me hard today “Did the death and resurrection of his son,the forgiveness he offered, and the faith he demanded, did it all come before our houses and our cars, our comforters and our televisions? Did we live second, or did the things of this world consume our attention.”

    I got behind on getting back to people and on this devotional. I have been putting off getting a book or two started. I kept telling myself I’m so busy this that or another thing but what was I busy with? Was it things of this world? Or the next?

  2. CJNeading says:

    On day 6 I really liked when it reminded me that this world is just a rest stop on the journey and just a glimpse of heaven. To enjoy all the good memories, food, wealth, and quiet afternoons but remember this isn’t the end.

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