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Posted: February 19, 2013 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized
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I was transporting a patient today that I’ve interacted with a few times. She has a neurological disease that is gradually disconnecting all her motor nerves. Life expectancy of a person with this disease is average 3-5 years from diagnosis.
I felt strongly that God wanted me to speak with her, so I explained a little about our iamsecond group and asked if we could help her with anything.
She told me she didn’t really need anything. Apparently her husband and brother in law are both contractors. I regrouped a little and suggested any other thing at all we could help her with. She persisted that she was fine, and smiled.
Then she actually offered me a wheelchair lift. Her disease has progressed to the point where she can no longer leave the house in a wheelchair. She also said they’re selling the van they got for $1500. It’s kinda beat up, but anyone who’s looked into a handicap van could attest that they’re not cheap.
It was really touching that this woman dealing with a terrible illness was still thinking of the benefit someone else might get from things that she is now too sick to use.
I couldn’t think of a person for the lift right away, but if any anyone knows of a person let me know. It could be a nice blessing for someone.

  1. Travis says:

    Wow. Powerful experience.

    The only thing that came to mind – a few weeks ago a girl at Granville High School was in a sledding accident which has left her paralyzed. I will ask if Kas can get in contact with the family to see if they are interested.

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