“Book Club?”

Posted: February 21, 2013 by CJNeading in Book
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Awhile back we talked about maybe starting a “book club.” Anyone that wanted to participate could take part as they wished. Maybe an occasional meeting to discuss topics in the book or maybe a post discussing each chapter.

Either way we can workout the details later. I was looking to start another book soon and was looking for some accountability. Anyone interested? Any books in mind?

Fair warning I’m not the worlds fastest reader. One could say its because I try and take the time to digest the information but that would be a lie. I just can’t help but nod off no matter how intriguing the book. See what your working with? And why I need some accountability.

Here are a few books in mind…

“Love Does” by Bob Goff

“Plan B” by Pete Wilson

“Why Men Hate Going To Church” by David Murrow

“Radical” by David Platt

“Pastor Dad” by Marc Driscoll (more like an article only 48pgs)

“Money” by Jamie Munson

Pretty much any Driscoll book. I’m a fan

Here is a site with a bunch options Books

  1. jablonnc says:

    I will be re-reading Radical soon, but I’m open for any of those other books.

  2. Ryan R says:

    I think it’s a great idea. Even if it’s a chapter a week (most of these books chapters are 10 pages at best) it would give us something longer term to discuss. I’m up for any of these books as well, I haven’t read any of them. Another one to add to the list that probably fits our group would be “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman.

  3. CJNeading says:

    Sounds like a good one also enjoy Craig Groeschel. Most of his books r 2.99 on amazon ebook. Well enough deciding lets do this! Once we pick a book we can break it down to see how long we want to take. Figure one out in next day or so and that will give us a ill time to get it.

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