“Not A Fan” Chapter 4 One of many? Or your one and only?

Posted: April 7, 2013 by CJNeading in Not A Fan
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Chapter 4 One of many? Or one and only? thoughts points etc…

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  1. CJNeading says:

    Earlier this week the “Live Second” devotional discussed the passage of hating others in comparison to Christ. Defiantly a hard concept to grasp especially when you have such a great family/friends that you couldn’t even think of “hating.” Even breaking it down further in the NLT and changing the word hate to “love more than” is hard. I obviously know Jesus should be first in my life but certainly hard when I know my family can be my idol at times.

    Really liked e questions he used to find out if we are one of many or the one and only. So true the way you spend your money reveals a lot about your values, Again for me the idol of my family.Really in all ,last all the questions I thought of my immediate family. Where do I go for comfort? What do I get excited about? Etc.

    Two lines I really enjoyed from this chapter…

    Her refusal to share my affection doesn’t indicate her as insecure and possessive; instead it proves her to be devoted and loving.

    Jesus was so important to them, that if they lost everything it would still be worth it.

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