Book Club Redemption?

Posted: August 2, 2013 by CJNeading in Book
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So about 4 months ago a few of us decided to start reading “Not A Fan” with the intention of discussion thru this website, at our meetings, or perhaps to have a separate meeting. Well since the last post was from Chapter 5 in April I don’t think it went very well.

As I’m sure you may have noticed with more post recently that we are trying to bring back some of the discussion this group had on a weekly basis thru the website and at our meetings. So hit me up with some of your feedback on the “book club.”

Try again?

If so what needs to change so it can be productive and lead us to a closer relationship with others and Christ.

Bad book?


Need it’s own meeting time? Maybe half hour before normal time?

Or life just got busy for us all myself included?

Or book club is not a good idea maybe we should try….

Just let me know. See ya guys Monday!


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