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Discussion Topic for July 28-Aug 5

Posted: July 28, 2013 by donaldsonta in Uncategorized

I came across this author through a link on Facebook. I liked a couple of his posts, and thought it might be a good conversation starter. For a time period our group was adding new people constantly, and that made it difficult to spend much time talking. At this point everyone knows everyone, and I don’t think any one person is going to feel slighted if they don’t get to small talk with every single person on any given Monday.

On the other hand, I DO think we might be cheating ourselves if we don’t avail ourselves of the opportunity that we have to grow through discussion of topics. The best topic would be the Bible, but unfortunately, I’m still a little behind on things. I thought I would throw this link out, whomever has time can read over it, we can talk a bit about it, and ideally those of us with strong convictions about certain points can roll in next week with some scripture.

Here’s the link: Ground Level Tactics for Christian Resistance

Let me know what you guys think. If anyone has any primer they want to add prior to the meeting, feel free to comment on here too!


June 3rd Change!!

Posted: June 3, 2013 by CJNeading in Uncategorized

Change of plans! No pint room tonight! It will be moved to next week. Instead we will be going to the usual spot average joes at 7pm. Spread the word to everyone you think maybe attending!

A few weeks ago I mentioned possibly helping an elderly couple from Westerville Church of the Nazareth move this weekend. I just got some of the details. They are moving this Saturday and starting at about 8am. Moving from barrington square apts in Westerville to some apartments around cherry bottom and broadview. I can’t imagine they have that much to move but who knows. from what I have been told they have a truck for the larger items and have already moved some smaller things. They have a few others helping but as I’m sure anyone that has moved knows the more the better. I will be getting off work that morning so I won’t be there till close to 9am. Anyone that can help let me know and we can figure out the details of possibly car pooling. Not sure how long it will take. Can’t imagine more than a couple hours. But even if you have just a hour I’m sure it would be appreciated. I know Saturday night is some of yours big BBQ so I totally understand if you guys are busy just wanted to let everyone know. Have a great weekend! Hope to see ya Saturday morning or maybe at the BBQ!

This day?

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A friend reposted this. I’m not a big Rob Bell guy, but this post from him is real solid. I liked it a lot:

how about a short sermon?

“this is the day that God has made.” [psalm 118]

really-this day? the one with wars and poverty and divorce and addiction and betrayal? this one?

yes, this one.

this one because there’s a difference between analysis and awareness.

analysis pulls things apart, looks for cracks in logic, points out the inconsistencies.

analysis needs things to make sense.

there’s nothing wrong with analysis, of course, it’s often vital to our survival and thriving. but if we stay there, in that mode and that mode only, we can easily find ourselves stepping back with arms folded, pointing out all that’s wrong with this day and all the ways it falls short and all of the evidence for why this particular day doesn’t appear to be the kind of day that God would make-all while this day passes us by.

(this is very easy to do, by the way. it’s why cynicism is so popular. it’s easy.)

but in this psalm-the one that says that this is the day that God has made- this psalm isn’t first and foremost about analysis, it’s about awareness.

and the difference is massive.

awareness doesn’t ignore or gloss over the very real questions and pains of this day, it transcends all of that analysis with the very straight forward acknowledgement that whatever this day is, it’s a gift to be embraced and engaged and maybe even enjoyed.

this day maybe be rough and bloody and heartbreaking but it is here and it is now and it is bursting with untold potential and possibility and our response to it is of utmost, urgent importance.

we may, it’s important to note, not get another one. my friend’s brother was recently killed in a car accident, another friend’s father just died, and the mother of another goes in for another round of chemo this week. you know exactly what i’m talking about-whatever this is, we’re all acutely aware that is very, very fragile.

so yes, this is the day.

Service and Gifts

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I was transporting a patient today that I’ve interacted with a few times. She has a neurological disease that is gradually disconnecting all her motor nerves. Life expectancy of a person with this disease is average 3-5 years from diagnosis.
I felt strongly that God wanted me to speak with her, so I explained a little about our iamsecond group and asked if we could help her with anything.
She told me she didn’t really need anything. Apparently her husband and brother in law are both contractors. I regrouped a little and suggested any other thing at all we could help her with. She persisted that she was fine, and smiled.
Then she actually offered me a wheelchair lift. Her disease has progressed to the point where she can no longer leave the house in a wheelchair. She also said they’re selling the van they got for $1500. It’s kinda beat up, but anyone who’s looked into a handicap van could attest that they’re not cheap.
It was really touching that this woman dealing with a terrible illness was still thinking of the benefit someone else might get from things that she is now too sick to use.
I couldn’t think of a person for the lift right away, but if any anyone knows of a person let me know. It could be a nice blessing for someone.

Full of Hot Air?

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Sometimes we spend some time over food/drinks talking about secondary matters of Christian doctrine: I beleive this, so and so beleives that, etc.  Regardless of how scripture based we feel our argument is, we’ll often find the other party unconvinced of our ‘rock solid’ argument.

I still don’t see these times as a waste, or a loss though. These conversations with Christian Brothers and Sisters are exactly the type of talk that we can use to sharpen our speaking skills, and bounce some of our personal theology around.  Things seem like great ideas in my head, but once I’m trying to explain my position to someone on an issue for the first time, I’m more like a duck on ice. 

Another huge benefit of talking things over with other Christians is the ability to see another persons point of view.  God brought me to Him on a specific route that He plotted out to soften MY heart. So I don’t necessarily understand all the things on everyone else’s path.  I started with no faith, and tripped over most of the sins in the Old Testament on my way to Christ.  Some of the testimonies I’ve heard from others are amazing to me, because of how different their path was.  There’s been a lot of times where I was very harsh on an issue because I failed to simply love people, or i forgot to realize that God has different goals for us in this world than we do.

I recently had a short conversation with a friend about sin, and what some consequences were, and how the 10 Commandments related to it all.  I’ve spent so much time talking over topics with guys at iamsecond, that I actually manged to put together something fairly smooth. 

All that to say, that while I’m excited about getting more projects done, I really enjoy our interactions in general.  Beer might be there with us, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not making progress in Christ.

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This post is from my brother in laws blog and his church Rock City. These speakers will be there this Sunday. We had a very positive experience regarding marriage discussion recently much like Aaron’s men’s group he mentions. I have not read this couples book but my wife and I will be starting it and I am looking forward to it. Just wanted to pass the word along. Have heard great things about this couples story. If anyone wants to attend with us let me know and we can let ya know which service we plan on attending.

Happy New Year to all! I’m sure all your Christmas activities were as busy as mine but I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!

If you havent gotten a hard copy of “Live Second” yet or an ebook check it out! On amazon right now for 1.99 Or get ahold of Terry we still have a few copies for you guys. It looks to be a year-long devotional similar to the 22 day challenge. I encourage everyone to keep up with as I’m sure we will be discussing some topics from the book over the year. Mainly tho so you all can hold me accountable for keeping on this devotional.

As far as schedule goes, we will be doing a monthly schedule at a time. So for january 2013…drum roll please….MONDAYS!!

We will be meeting on Mondays in Jan at 7PM.

Jan 7

Jan 14

Jan 28

You maybe wondering where?? Be sure to check our meetings page to find out!

Also what about Jan 21st??? No it’s not another Mayan calendar mishap. We are looking to do either a serving opportunity on the Saturday or maybe coffee on sunday night.

Serving (Habitat, soup kitchen, etc.) We thought #ServiceSaturdays would be a good way to get the whole family involved. Well maybe not my pregnant wife or one year old daughter on a construction site but you get the idea. Any ideas or places you have a passion for let us know!

#CoffeeSundayNights we were thinking of possible getting into some books. Again ideas encouraged! I know for me I see about 30 books I want to read but end up reading 3 chapters of A book. So accountability would be great for me. Dont have to do a book a week but something to think about.

Dont forget about the prayer wall as well.

Feedback is good let us know the good the bad the weird and the inspiring.

Challenge setback

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There was no challenge in my mail today. #Disappointment

However; we did have a great meeting last night at J Gumbos in Olde Gahanna. We talked about a bunch of different subjects. One of which is one that my wife and I talk about regularly. Our discussion basically: How much effort should be taken to make Christianity seem appealing to ‘the world’.

HD video, audio, laser light show, etc.
What’s too much? A lot of Church keep it basic, having put a halt to any progress made after 1920.

(I suspect women’s rights might have been seen as a source of sin tainting all inventions and popular culture throughout the rest of time)

At first glance Jesus doesn’t use a lot of “technology” in his teaching. He does do things that grab a listeners attention at the start of a conversation though. When talking with the woman at the well, Jesus gains her attention, then invites her to relationship. When telling parables Jesus uses circumstances that the audience could relate to. When the Gospels were written, each was written in a certain style to APPEAL to a different demographic that they were originally written to.

I’m not saying my argument is bulletproof. Just some observations. Have any of you seen a scripture reference to the contrary? I didn’t google it, just working off memory.

Also in lieu of 22 Day Challenge

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Unfortunately I did not get an email again today. So I was just going to blog some thoughts about another devotional that I do most mornings. It’s one that I had signed up for a year ago or more. A lot of mornings it has great content, and is a nice way to start my day. It’s an email, and it arrives somewhere around four or five in the morning. It’s actually where I got the idea to start scheduling the blog posts to post automatically in the morning time.
It starts with a scripture reference:
17 From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent,
for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

The subject was that repentance means to change your beliefs. Honestly, it was a fairly long email. It only referenced the one scripture reading. The rest further played out the idea that proper repentance can only be achieved through a change of beliefs.
Sometimes in church, or an popular reading, we get the idea that repentance means to regret the action, change our ways, or just stopping what we’re doing.
The same theme was actually mentioned in church today. That most behaviors we have can be traced back to a belief. If we don’t change the belief that is causing the action, that we’re not truly repenting.
And the primary belief that I think Jesus wants for us, is to believe that He will take care of us, and loves us. If we truly believe that, then we should find ourselves on the path to the Kingdom. Most of our decisions are driven by what we believe is best for us. When we honestly believe that Jesus wants what’s best for us, it’s easy to trust Him, and easy to live your life for Him.