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August 5th Meeting

Posted: August 1, 2013 by CJNeading in Meetings
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Come join us Monday august 5th at Average Joes in New Albany. Here are some talking points Discussion Topics Don’t forget to RSVP on fb or here so we can keep an eye out for ya and make sure we get enough tables for all. See ya at 7:00pm!



March 18 Meeting

Posted: March 17, 2013 by CJNeading in Meetings
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Come on out to average joes this Monday night at 7pm. Also Travis needs a few guys to give him a hand at cornerstone academy at 630 Monday night. Let him know on the FB page or if your cool enough to have his number you can text him.


1.14.13 Meeting

Posted: January 14, 2013 by CJNeading in Meetings
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Don’t forget to come out tonight to Average Joes at 7PM corner of old 161 and Hamilton rd Average Joes


Meeting November 20th

Posted: November 20, 2012 by donaldsonta in Events, Meetings
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When: Around seven pm.

Where: Average Joes, 4949 East Dublin Granville Road, Westerville, OH

Who: Returning friends, their guests, or any other guy from the community looking to hang out for a bit and talk about (primarily)Jesus, or sports, EMS, insulation, lawn mowing, engines, PCs, Damons, or anything else guys discuss over a burger and a beer.

We’ll be discussing the 22 Day challenge mentioned earlier on the site, as well as any other topics on people’shearts. Have something? post it in a comment that way others can crack their Bible and research a bit.

Might be a pizza special tomorrow night?

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow


So this whole thing is called I AM SECOND

You maybe wondering “Whats first?”

Come on out to Average Joes in New Albany this Monday Jan 23rd at 730p. As we start our next series in our IAS group, “Whats First”

Just because there is no more football on monday nights doesnt mean you cant still come out to hang with the guys.

The Blue Jackets play at 8pm and its wing night!

Or you can stay at home with your wife/girlfriend etc. and watch “The Bachelor”

Your choice…..

See ya there!

Ya the Holidays are over but come finish the season out strong with I Am Second on Jan. 9th at 7PM.

And dont forget we will be watching the BCS National Championship Game LSU vs Bama rematch! Kickoff at 830.

We will be checking out the last series in “Hope For The Holidays” with star MLB OF Josh Hamilton. Probably one of the best comeback stories ever!

We will again be at Average Joes in New Albany at 7PM on Monday Jan. 9th. Come on out for a good time, great story, wing night, and the BCS Championship game!  See ya there!

Tax season is just around the corner…

Going to invite yourself over for dinner at the IRS?

Didnt think so

But Jesus did… Come find out why

As we start part 2 of I AM SECOND guide to “Hope For The Holidays”

Come out for .45 wing night, 2dollar drinks, MNF(Steelers vs 49ers) and some great conversation! Average Joes New Albany location @7PM

We will be in the back room of the bar cheering loudly for the 49ers!

Its official I AM SECOND NE Cols is starting next week!

On Wednesday Dec. 7th @7PM @ Average Joes in New Albany! Its 1/2 price Burger Night and $2 drinks!

Click Here For Directions

Do you hate family Christmas parties because of a bad relationship?

Do you not getting along with your in-laws?

Are you waiting for forgiveness? Or waiting to give forgiveness?

Struggled with your relationship with your parents?

Maybe even have that creepy Uncle?

We are going to kick off the group with the Holiday season in mind. On Wednesday we will discuss “Broken Relationships” thru the I AM SECOND “Hope For The Holidays” series.

If you want to start to bridge the gap in your relationships there is no better time than Christmas. Or if you just want come hang out and enjoy a good time with guys meet us on Dec. 7th @ 7PM.

Please feel free to drop in or if you know your coming leave us a comment to let us know. Hope to see you there!